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Radio: Putting a Squash on Mushrooms

Unless you live in an area with drought conditions, rain usually supplies a good bit of moisture for our lawns. But that same moisture can also encourage mushroom growth. Here's how to get rid of them.

Listen to ON GETTING RID OF MUSHROOMS or read below:

Pull up at the base to remove mushrooms as soon as they sprout-before they have time to release spores. Don't put pickings in your compost, which has ideal growing conditions. Instead, drop them in a plastic bag and cinch it securely with a twist-tie before putting in the trash.

To make your yard less fungi-friendly:

  • Thin out foliage to reduce damp, dark areas.
  • Use a lawn aerator to improve drainage.
  • Water less-usually just an inch or so of water a week is sufficient, except in really dry conditions.
  • Keep grass short, so it dries out more quickly.
  • Cut their food supply-that means getting rid of decomposing organic matter such as grass clippings, old mulch, or decaying tree roots.

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