How to repurpose an old t shirt with lace

Choose an ugly old over sized tshirt.

Have enough lace to measure one side of the shirt.

Cut out the neck then the arms.

Cut off the bottom to the length you want.

Once the neck and sleeves are cut out, cut the back out by following the pattern of the shirt.

Hard to tell, but the back has been cut out and the shirt folded inside out.

Once you fold the shirt in half, double the lace and lay on top of the shirt. Following the flow of the shirt, cut out the lace to match. Unfold the shirt and leave inside out.

Lay the lace on top and iron the two sides inside out. Use the 1/4 inch infusion tape. Sorry I forgot to buy 2 more hands so I could take pictures while holding the tape and ironing at the same time.

Side view.

The lace was a table cloth I got at Goodwill for $1.99. There was enough left over for 5 more shirts!

Back view.

I infused two pieces together so the bottom edging looked better, but you could use one piece.

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