How to make buttercream roses

Precut 1-inch squares of parchment or wax paper and set aside.

Put the petal tip in the piping bag with the narrow end facing the seam of the piping bag.

Wilton Food Coloring Gel

Paint a stripe of gel food coloring up the seam of the piping bag starting at the narrow end of the petal tip.

Draw a line with the food coloring.

Fill the piping bag and twist the end so there are no air pockets.

Pipe a small dot of buttercream on the flower nail. Use this to secure a square of wax paper on top of the nail.

Squeeze the bag, with the narrow part of the tip facing up, make a small Hershey kiss, decreasing pressure until you have a rose base about 1.5x as high as the tip's opening.

Make the rose base turning the flower nail in a circular motion.

With the wide end of the tip slightly touching the base and the narrow end angled up draw a small rainbow around 1/3 of the base.

Make three petals around the base, angled upwards. Continue turning the nail and adding rows of petals.

Until you have something that looks like this.

Let flowers dry in a cool place (where the cat won't find them). For a couple hours, or overnight.

Watch the video: All about The. Glossy Buttercream (September 2021).