How to make your own taco bowl!

Gather your ingredients! I prefer LaLa's Tortillas but use what you like! Preheat your oven now at 400degrees!


Next take your bowl and spray the inside with the cooking oil!

It's sprayed but you can't tell in the picture!

Next throw a tortilla in the microwave for 10 seconds. This makes it pliable and easy to set in the bowl!

Put the tortilla in the bowl then place the bowl in the oven! Leave it in for about 10 minutes or however crispy you want it!


When they are ready pull them out, let them cool off and fill with whatever you want!

I like these because I don't fry stuff in oil. This is probably a healthier way to make taco bowls!

Watch the video: Crunchy Taco Bowls (October 2021).