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Designer DIY Marquee Sign

A forever fan of old marquee signs, Heather of WhipperBerry had been on the hunt for some Broadway-style lights she could incorporate into her own decor. But when the high price tags associated with store-bought versions discouraged her, Heather decided to piece together some DIY versions of her own that featured a fun phrase her family loved.

First, Heather used a crafts knife to remove the tops of paper mache letters, and then she coated the bases with gold spray paint. Next, she traced the removed top pieces of the letters onto scrapbook paper and cut them out, making each cutout slightly smaller than the stencil so that each would fit snugly into the bases. After that, Heather used double-sided tape to secure the paper inside the letters. To add the lights, Heather poked holes throughout each letter, unscrewed the bulbs on her string lights, threaded the sockets through the holes, and then reattached the bulbs for a flashy finishing touch.

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